Tony Glassman

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Who is Tony?

People tell me I’m a thrill seeker on a regular basis. In reality I see rafting as quite the opposite with whitewater taking me to a place that nothing else in my life ever has. Rafting delivers a calm, clear, and collected state of mind. The river has blessed me with the greatest times of my life and connected me with amazing people all while bringing out the best version of myself. 

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Gear List

Yaw The Movie

This year we are working on a film project called "YAW The Movie". We are focusing on running waterfalls and creeks typically only done by kayakers. We are also teaming up with American Whitewater to discuss the importance of protecting watersheds and streamflows. Some of our filming locations will be from the PNW, Colorado, Ecuador, & Idaho. We hope to showcase what is actually possible in rafts and couldn’t be more excited to share our passion of whitewater with the rafting community!