6 Ways to Make Every Guest Feel Valued

So what distinguishes that paddler in the front left from 1/6 of your guide wages plus a $20 tip and a real person who has thoughts, dreams, and desires? How do you show everyone in your boat that you truly value their time and who they are? Here are 6 tips that can help elevate your interactions and help prevent guests from feeling alienated in such an intimate setting.

The Gear Shed - Throw Bags

Rafting Magazine's Gear Shed Series takes a look inside the gear and breaks down the equipment commonly used by rafters in the field. Our expedition team discusses and analyzes some of the theories of the equipment we have all come to trust on the river. In this episode we take a look at the throwbag and what you should consider before you head out on the water with one.

Rafting Team Profile - Canadian Women's Team

We caught up with the Canadian Women's Rafting Team to find out more about this amazing team of female athletes. These ladies have been coming out strong in the Canadian National Events. With several members of the team being veterans of several international rafting events we are looking forward to seeing these ladies take on the world in Japan.

Trip Report - San Juan River

In February, I received an email letting me know I had scored a permit for the San Juan River for May 6-8, 2017 from Sand Island to Mexican Hat. Every overnight float I’ve ever been on has been a life changing experience and I hope to share that experience with as many people as I can.

Rafting Team Profile - USA Women's Rafting Team

With spring rafting in full swing and the start of runoff season in the United States now is the prime time for the US women's team to step up their game for the 2017 racing circuit. We caught up with some of the ladies from team USA to get their thoughts on this season, World Championships in Japan, and the competition.

April on the Middle Cosumnes

The Middle fork of the Cosumnes River is one of the coolest free flowing rivers in California. The team Got out to paddle this awesome stretch on a rainy April day. While access issues generally plague this river, however the Middle Fork is one of the easier parts of the watershed to access. 

Rubber vs. Plastic Boats

Rafts come in all shapes sizes colors and textures; however the composition of their materials is a hotly debated topic in the river community. There are two basic compositions for whitewater rafts rubber or plastic.

Trip Report - Jewel of the Cosumnes

Hidden below a monster death gorge on the North Fork of the Cosumnes is perhaps one of the most fun runs on the whole watershed. This gem is plagued by terrible access and a big hike in. The team spent weeks preparing and were generously rewarded for their efforts. Our latest edit brings you right into the heart of the beauty and the struggle for this gem on the North Cosumnes.

UK 2017 Racing Teams

The UK National Rafting Team selections came to an exciting close at Holme Pierrepont National Watersports Centre in Nottingham, England. Participants ran the gauntlet to see who would have the honor of representing the UK on the 2017 International Rafting Circuit.