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What does a rafting company provide?

Welcome to Rafting! This is the first part in our series aimed at welcoming new participants to the sport of whitewater rafting. If you are new to rafting, a first timer, or you are getting a group together and don’t know what to expect you probably want to know why would you go with a rafting company and what do they provide?

The easy answer is: Just show up and we take care of the rest. That is the mantra of any good rafting company.

April on the Middle Cosumnes

The Middle fork of the Cosumnes River is one of the coolest free flowing rivers in California. The team Got out to paddle this awesome stretch on a rainy April day. While access issues generally plague this river, however the Middle Fork is one of the easier parts of the watershed to access. 

Athlete Spotlight - Anna Schroeder

For raft racers it takes more than just a love of the river. It takes courage, dedication, teamwork, and a certain love of adversity. To learn what it takes to be part of this elite group of boaters we caught up with Anna Schroeder of the US women's R6 rafting team.

The New School Guide To Northern California Whitewater

New School Publications has been exploring the rivers and streams of Northern California for over 16 years to bring you the New School Guide to California Whitewater.  Drawing upon a lifetime of knowledge New School Guide Book will to lead you to the secret outdoor stashes of Northern California Whitewater and help you enjoy Northern California's finest rivers in style.

Advanced Paddle Techniques: J-Stroke

The J-stroke is an immensely important stroke for commercial guides or anyone looking to down river progress without the use of a paddle crew. Kailee will cover how to begin and end the stroke, some interesting science behind what is happening beneath the water, and the finer points on how to move your body to get the most out of this stroke.