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The Gear Shed - Sotar Rafts

Team Paddler Kailee headed up to the Sotar factory in Merlin Oregon to find out what goes into manufacturing a Sotar raft. These guys are hands down one of the best boat builders out there in terms of customization and they offer an incredible range of options to get you into a boat that most closely fits your boating style. From tried and true stock designs to ground up custom builds find out what makes a Sotar such a strong contender for one of the world's best rafts.

The Gear Shed - Creek Boats

In this article we take on the issue of creek boats and share with you some thoughts about some of the options on the market. Specifically we will be comparing the Hyside Mini-Max, a Sotar Daniel Jenkins Custom Boat, and an ARK Inflatables 10' Raft.

Rubber vs. Plastic Boats

Rafts come in all shapes sizes colors and textures; however the composition of their materials is a hotly debated topic in the river community. There are two basic compositions for whitewater rafts rubber or plastic.