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Guide School - Rigging for Flips

We had a great question from our buddy Karch on Instagram about rigging for flips. Specifically we're taking a look at systems and theories for remounting the raft after you flip for your recovery. In this video we're looking at 3 different ideas that we commonly see in the rafting world.

Guiding Our Future - CFI Youth River Skills Camp

The team packed up and headed out to Moab to join Canyonlands Field Institute's Youth River Skills Camp. The Daily Section of the Colorado provided a perfect backdrop for this awesome training program. We sat down with some of CFI's Youth Leaders to learn why this type of youth education and empowerment program is so important in the river world.

Guide School - The 4 Basic Parts of a Rapid

In this lesson we will be taking a look at what basic elements you should be looking out for when you are breaking down a rapid in your head. This guide will help you understand some of the basic features of a rapid as well as giving some basic ideas on what to watch out for while you are scouting a rapid.

6 Ways to Make Every Guest Feel Valued

So what distinguishes that paddler in the front left from 1/6 of your guide wages plus a $20 tip and a real person who has thoughts, dreams, and desires? How do you show everyone in your boat that you truly value their time and who they are? Here are 6 tips that can help elevate your interactions and help prevent guests from feeling alienated in such an intimate setting.