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6 Ways to Make Every Guest Feel Valued

So what distinguishes that paddler in the front left from 1/6 of your guide wages plus a $20 tip and a real person who has thoughts, dreams, and desires? How do you show everyone in your boat that you truly value their time and who they are? Here are 6 tips that can help elevate your interactions and help prevent guests from feeling alienated in such an intimate setting.

Rafting Team Profile - Canadian Women's Team

We caught up with the Canadian Women's Rafting Team to find out more about this amazing team of female athletes. These ladies have been coming out strong in the Canadian National Events. With several members of the team being veterans of several international rafting events we are looking forward to seeing these ladies take on the world in Japan.

Athlete Spotlight - Anna Schroeder

For raft racers it takes more than just a love of the river. It takes courage, dedication, teamwork, and a certain love of adversity. To learn what it takes to be part of this elite group of boaters we caught up with Anna Schroeder of the US women's R6 rafting team.

Rafting Team Profile - GB Women's Team

The GB Women's team is a UK based whitewater raft racing team competing in the International Rafting Federation's World Championships in Al Ain, UAE. These ladies will go head to head against some of the best raft racers in the world to claim the Rafting World Cup.

Advanced Paddle Techniques: J-Stroke

The J-stroke is an immensely important stroke for commercial guides or anyone looking to down river progress without the use of a paddle crew. Kailee will cover how to begin and end the stroke, some interesting science behind what is happening beneath the water, and the finer points on how to move your body to get the most out of this stroke. 

Trip Report - Lower South Silver Creek

Lower South Silver Creek is an action packed super beautiful section of high sierra whitewater. This little gem of a creek only started flowing again in 2016 when the FERC licence was renewed. Hopefully we can help raise awareness of this amazing resource and keep it open to future gnerations of boaters.