4 Things to Expect From Your First Rafting Trip

If you haven’t been on the river it’s hard to know what to expect from your trip. Friends will try to convince you to go telling you it’s “hardcore” or super fun, but they rarely elaborate on why they feel that way.  Whitewater rafting can seem like a scary experience for some at first, but beyond the fear and hype of the adrenaline rush, there is a truly world changing experience that rivers and remote canyons have to offer.

6 Critical Skills For Running Holes

It doesn’t matter what craft you choose to enjoy on the water from a raft to a kayak, SUP, or inflatable pizza wedge holes are probably one of the most feared and talked about hazards on the river. While sieves and strainers may harbor the greatest danger on the water it is the ubiquitous hole that is most often faced as a serious challenge to any boater.

Trip Report - Mother Lode Falls

The team has been taking advantage of all of this year's "opportunistic flows" on the South Fork of the American River Below Slab Creek Dam. Deep in the lower gorge is a massive rapid known as Mother Lode Falls. Team paddler Daniel Jenkins has been grabbing the bull by the horns to charge down this beast at several different flows.

The Myth Of The Line

Any discussion about the river will inevitably evoke the most common river term “the line”. If you are new to boating the line is most often described as the path a boat takes through a rapid. Unfortunately there is no real empirical standard on why a guide selects a line since lines are so subjective. Thus I advocate for the option principal.

Gear Shed - Drysuit Care

Winter boating is without a doubt an incredible experience. Biting cold, freezing sleet, frozen over eddies, blinding windy rain, or thick fog obscuring what lies downriver are all serious hazards for winter paddlers. The drysuit is critical to thriving in this environment, but how do you get the most out of this essential piece of equipment?

The Gear Shed - Creek Boats

In this article we take on the issue of creek boats and share with you some thoughts about some of the options on the market. Specifically we will be comparing the Hyside Mini-Max, a Sotar Daniel Jenkins Custom Boat, and an ARK Inflatables 10' Raft.

The Gear Shed - Wet Gear

Selecting the correct gear for the correct paddling conditions is essential to staying warm and happy in the shoulder seasons. Take time to look over your current equipment and figure out where you are in terms of your gear and consider replacing your suit so you can enjoy some happier and toastier days on the water.

How defining your ability level is essential to better boating

Your skill may encompass a wide range, but it is defined by what you can do consistently. Saying you are Class IV or Class V boater is an oversimplification. As an athlete’s skill increases so too do the degrees of specificity needed to define everything you interact with. Your skill level is a spectrum. That spectrum covers a broad range however there are some things you run consistently and some things you run inconsistently.

World Rafting Championships - Day 1 Results

The first day of the IRF’s 2017 World Rafting Championship (WRC), on the Yoshino River, Miyoshi City, Japan, got under way today with 12 Youth (U19) teams, 16 Junior (U23)  teams, 14 Masters (40+) and 29 in the Open division. Each of these divisions has the male and female category as well. 71 teams from 22 countries are competing for the honor of being World Champions.

Why Feather Fest is the West Coast's Most Exciting River Festival

Every autumn paddlers from across the Western United States flock to the North Fork of the Feather River near Oroville, CA. The fourth weekend of September marks the final scheduled release from Rock Creek Dam and the incredible Feather Fest at Indian Jim Campground. This festival is an annual celebration of the Feather River and a fundraiser for American Whitewater’s work in California.