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We believe that bringing people together in the outdoors to inspire them and push their limits is the soul of rafting. Together we can help forge a vision of the rafting community built on seeking our highest selves in canyons across the world. With support from community members filled with passion and determination we can witness a bright future of rafting come to fruition filled with the love of the sport. From helping expose people who have never rafted before, to exposing young minds to the wonder of the river, to healing those affected psychologically by trauma, or building the community’s skill as a whole, there are countless opportunities to improve the rafting community  



Rafting Magazine is currently accepting applications for our newly opened Ambassador Program. If you think you have what it takes to help forge a new vision of the future of rafting please fill out the form below. 

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Ambassadors help to achieve the Rafting Magazine vision through a variety of exciting initiatives designed at projecting the message of rafting across the world. Initiatives are focused toward creative development of river education, better understanding of the river environment, amazing expeditions, and inviting new boaters to experience the wonder of the river world. These initiatives are as varied and dynamic as our ambassadors skills and expertise. Rafting Magazine Ambassadors are highly involved in our initiatives guiding the initiative curation process through their own creative talents.

In return for your work and support we will do everything in our power to promote and support you as our ambassador. Benefit opportunities can include the following:

  1. Free Gear: We want our ambassadors to look good while they are out on the river. From awesome Rafting Magazine swag to opportunities to test out new gear, review it, and keep after your review is complete there are plenty of opportunities to score some free equipment.
  2. Pro Deals: Active ambassadors are entitled to any Industry Pro Deals that we have available to our ambassadors.
  3. Collaboration opportunities: Rafting Magazine, our brand partners, and fellow ambassadors all love the opportunity to connect with our ambassador team. Collaborations allow ambassadors to have their content appear throughout our brand partners social media and allows ambassadors to build their following.
  4. Training opportunities: Our Pro team is always out training on new and exciting rivers. Part of being an ambassador is seeking knowledge and training. Ambassadors are always welcome to train in a variety of skills with our team.
  5. Access river trips: We know our ambassadors love rivers, but we have built a network of outfitters and boaters around the world. Many of our outfitter friends and brand partners offer discounted or free access to their services for our ambassadors. *Check with Rafting Magazine staff for more information*