Wild and Scenic River Act 50th Anniversary

The 50th Anniversary of the Wild and Scenic River Act marks a pivotal moment in US history for river conservation and recreation. On October 2, 1968, the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act was signed into law. This act originally protected only 8 rivers however the scope of the act has increased to insure protection for 12,734 miles of the nation's approximately 3.6 million miles of streams.  That's only .35% of all the rivers in the United States protected by the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act. To help celebrate this landmark achievement Rafting Magazine has teamed up with Rivers.govAmerican Whitewater, and the River Management Society to help celebrate Wild and Scenic rivers across the US. The series will culminate in the highest-ranked films being debuted at the Feather River Festival on September 21st and the River Management Society’s Wild Scenic and Beyond! night on October 23.

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Latest Film Submission

In celebration of our 35th anniversary and our love for the rivers, Chums partnered with American Rivers to help protect and preserve our wild rivers. No matter what community you come from, you have an amazing opportunity to recreate in the wild and free places in your backyard.

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Giant Gap is a wild and scenic river of such exceptional character that has achieved a place of legend among river guides. It is one of those rivers that needs on introduction. This awe inspiring gorge carves its way through the heart of the Sierras into the dreams of everyone who has paddled it.

We have an open call for films that celebrate all aspects of our wild and scenic rivers. These films highlight the significant cultural, recreational, or ecological impact that these special places have on the lives of those touched by these incredible rivers.