50th Anniversary Film Series

The 50th Anniversary of the Wild and Scenic River Act marks a pivotal moment in US history for river conservation and recreation. On October 2, 1968, the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act was signed into law.

There are approximately 3.6 million miles of streams in the United States; 1.1 million are at least five miles in length. Only 12,734 miles are protected by the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act—only ⅓ of 1% of the rivers found here.

But what a wonderful 12,734 miles! Allagash. Salmon. Snake. Missouri. Concord. Fortymile. Trinity.

As the Act nears a half century of protecting some of our greatest rivers, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating its accomplishments—and in working for its future. While there is much we have to do, there is much we have done, and to the thousands of people across the country that have worked tirelessly to save their local river, it’s time to take a moment to celebrate, to congratulate each other, to look forward. To add to the 12,734 miles.

To help celebrate this landmark achievement Rafting Magazine has teamed up with, American Whitewater, and The River Management Society to help celebrate Wild and Scenic rivers across the US. This year we have an open call for films that celebrate all aspects of our wild and scenic rivers.

Films of all types will be accepted and featured throughout 2018 in Rafting Magazine and on our social media channels and those of select partners. The series will culminate in the highest-ranked films being featured at American Whitewater's Feather River Festival and the River Management Society’s Wild Scenic and Beyond! night on October 23.



Please include the following when submiting films:

  • Film title
  • Name of Wild and Scenic River(s) in the film
  • Total run time
  • Producer / Production company (if any)
  • Music & image copyright approval
  • Contact information
  • Preferred social media profile and hashtags

Film submission criteria:

  • Films must be between 5 and 12 minutes
  • A teaser of 30 - 60 seconds must be included with each film
  • Films must feature a designated section of a Wild and Scenic River - List of eligible rivers
  • Films focusing primarily on carnage will not be accepted

Film submission technical specs:

  • Upload to a file transfer service (Google Drive is preferred)
  • Send download link to
  • File Type: Quicktime MOV or MP.4
  • Accepted Codecs: h.264 30 Mbps
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
ASV (10).JPG

Judging criteria

Films will be awarded points reflecting overall appeal and compellingness of message, story, and footage. Additional points added for:

Technical elements

  • Production quality = 1-3 Points
  • Teaser quality = 1-3 Points


  • The film reaches 100 likes = 1 Point
  • The film reaches 500 likes within 30 days of posting = 1 Point
  • The film reaches 1000+ likes within 30 days of posting = 2 Point


  • The film incorporates the 50th rivers anniversary logo = 2 Points
  • The film incorporates the 50th rivers tagline, “It’s your river. Make your splash!” or hashtag, #makeyoursplash

Recreational elements

  • Recreation is the focus of the film = 1-3 Points
  • Rafting is featured in the film = 1-3 Points
  • Other human-powered river recreation or activity is featured in the film = 1-3 Points
  • Boating focuses on running hard whitewater = 1-3 Points
  • Boating focuses on having fun in easy water = 1-3 Points

Other content elements

  • Conservation is the focus of the film = 1-3 Points
  • Wildlife features prominently in the film = 1-3 Points
Daniel Kalamath.jpg

Promotional schedule

  • Films will be promoted on a weekly basis through Rafting Magazine’s social media channels and partner sites/platforms. Film producers will also be asked to promote the video through their networks as well.
  • Films will be posted every Wednesday on Rafting Magazine’s YouTube Channel.
  • Films will also be hosted on a Wild and Scenic Rivers 50th anniversary landing page on Rafting Magazine’s website.
  • Teasers will be released on the Monday prior to posting the film on Instagram and Facebook.


Finalists will be selected according to points accrued and will be announced the second week of September. Films selected as finalists will have the opportunity to be debuted at the following events:

  • River Management Society’s Wild Scenic and Beyond! night on October 23