Welcome to the Gear Shed

A boater's gear shed is an almost sacred place where guides spend hours reminiscing on past trips and sharing knowledge with other boaters. Building on this corner stone of boating tradition we have filled our gear shed with years of stories and packed it with knowledge to help elevate your boating to the next level. 

Gear Recommendations from the Team

Watershed Dry Bags - One of our most valuable and versatile pieces of equipment is our Watershed Dry Bag. This amazing dry bag system is truly the best on the market. Other bags will leak and get damp more often than we care to admit. If you are in the market for a new dry bag check them out.

Expedition Grab Straps - Show of hands, how many people love falling out in big rapids?Yeah no one raised their hand, why... because they're too busy grabbing one of our expedition grab straps. Someone told us that was lame, but not as lame as swimming a huge rapid because you didn't have a strap to grab. Bam! Double handles for double cheesiness. Check them out...

Tips from the Gear Shed