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Trip Report - Mother Lode Falls

The team has been taking advantage of all of this year's "opportunistic flows" on the South Fork of the American River Below Slab Creek Dam. Deep in the lower gorge is a massive rapid known as Mother Lode Falls. Team paddler Daniel Jenkins has been grabbing the bull by the horns to charge down this beast at several different flows.

April on the Middle Cosumnes

The Middle fork of the Cosumnes River is one of the coolest free flowing rivers in California. The team Got out to paddle this awesome stretch on a rainy April day. While access issues generally plague this river, however the Middle Fork is one of the easier parts of the watershed to access. 

Trip Report - Jewel of the Cosumnes

Hidden below a monster death gorge on the North Fork of the Cosumnes is perhaps one of the most fun runs on the whole watershed. This gem is plagued by terrible access and a big hike in. The team spent weeks preparing and were generously rewarded for their efforts. Our latest edit brings you right into the heart of the beauty and the struggle for this gem on the North Cosumnes.

Trip Report - Lower South Silver Creek

Lower South Silver Creek is an action packed super beautiful section of high sierra whitewater. This little gem of a creek only started flowing again in 2016 when the FERC licence was renewed. Hopefully we can help raise awareness of this amazing resource and keep it open to future gnerations of boaters.