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Rafting Team Profile - Canadian Women's Team

Rafting Team Profile - Canadian Women's Team

We caught up with the Canadian Women's Rafting Team to find out more about this amazing team of female athletes. These ladies have been coming out strong in the Canadian National Events. With several members of the team being veterans of several international rafting events we are looking forward to seeing these ladies take on the world in Japan. We wanted to know about what raft racing means to this fantastic group of boaters. 

RM: What words of encouragement would you offer to young female athletes?

CWRT: That everything is possible if you put all your heart and energy into it. And as cheesy as it sounds, it is true! And that paddling like a girl is the best thing you can do so don't listen to other peoples negativity.

RM: Is there any team that you are really looking forward to competing against?

Charlotte: It will be my first International experience so I don't have any past experience with any team. But with social media these days, by following most of the teams on Instagram and Facebook, I feel like that the Colorado Rafting team is similar to us and that it would be a good battle in any discipline.

RM: Individually and as a team what is your favorite discipline?

Veronique: As a team head to head is our strongest discipline for the moment.

Charlotte: I really enjoy the down river. It challenges every aspect of rafting and really puts rafting into the ''sports'' categories. You are giving your 100% throughout the race, and when you think you're about to give up, the team spirit kicks in and you give another 100%! This is just amazing and so demanding. I say to everyone that tells me that rafting is easy because you just have to follow the current, that I'll bring them on a down river training to show them how hard it is.

RM: Last year the UK women's team won gold in nearly every event and beat the next competitor by a land slide. How do you feel about taking those ladies on this year?

CWRT: It just drives us even more during our training to push harder to be the best team we could ever be when the whistle blows in October! That's what the sport is all about: Challenges!

2017 Team Roster

Charlotte Raymond

Age: 24 

Profession: Infantry officer in the Canadian Armed Forces

Time with the Team: 2 years

Paddle Position: Middle-right

This tall athlete is a model shown by her healthy life habits. Crossfit, whitewater kayak and rafting are part of her weekly must. She is a real motor for the team. Her discipline and strong concentration habits are essential for her teammates. 

Geneviève Desroches

Age: 28

Profession: High School science teacher

Time with the Team: 3 Months

Paddle Position: Middle-Left

This tall ice canoe and dragon boat athlete is a motivation source. She’s not scared of anything and she helps up reaching our goal. Basket-Ball, Mountain bike, rowing and Crossfit are also part of her passion.

Jeane Beaumont Lapointe

Age: 28 Years old

Profession: Human resources manager

Time with the Team: 3 Months

Paddle Position: Middle-right

Jeane has a highly developed sense of team spirit. Energic, she constantly motivates and helps the team find better ways to bypass obstacles. She regularly practices cross-country skiing, basket-ball, outdoor activities and rafting.

Marie-Janick Robitaille

Age: 28

Profession: Cartographer

Time with the Team: 4 Years

Paddle Position: Back-Left

This ice canoe and crossfit athlete has been rafting for over 5 years. She has participated at the World Rafting Championship in Indonesia in 2015 and in United Arab Emirates in 2016. Her determination and positive leadership are constantly helping us moving forward in every sense of the term. 

Marie-Pier Bédard

Age: 29 

Profession: Adaptive school teacher

Time with the Team: 7 Years

Paddle Position: Back-Right

Member of the team since 2013, this part-time rafting guide has participated in the World Rafting Championship in Indonesia in 2015. Her excellent judgment and leadership on the river is a great attribute to the team.

Sarah-Jeanne Giroux

Age: 28 years old

Profession: Law teacher

Time with the Team: 2 Years

Paddle Position: Front-right

This adventurer has guided canoe expedition on various rivers in some isolated part of Quebec and she’s really excited about exploring new river of Japan in 2017. This crossfit athlete has strong arms and an intense will power that allows her to be the best fit to perform in front of the boat. 

Véronique Delisle

Age: 28 years old

Profession: Physical education teacher

Time with the Team: 9 Years

Paddle Position: Front-Left

Oldest member on the team, Vero has participated in the World Rafting Championship in Costa Rica in 2011, in New-Zealand in 2013 and in Indonesia in 2015. Her passion for rafting and whitewater sports has started over 10 years ago and has not stop since. She’s an indispensable pillar to this team. 

Team Sponsors

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Véronique and Charlotte for their contributions and Jean-Sébastien Chartier-Plante for his amazing photo contributions. Please give these ladies a like and a shout out on Facebook and Instagram. Don't miss out on their journey to Japan for the 2017 IRF World Championships.

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