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Guide School: Basic Raft Rigging

Guide School: Basic Raft Rigging

In this Guide School Lesson we take a look as some basic rigging techniques for a paddle raft. Some concepts we will take a look at are:

  • Rigging points

  • Where you should load gear

  • How to secure equipment

  • Rig to flip / Rigging plan

This rigging video will not be appropriate for every river and every situation, however if you plan to raft with only two people in the boat (R2) this is a great start on options for safely and effectively rigging your boat for a fun day on the water. Rigging a boat takes time and practice to get it right. The key point we want to stress is: have a system for rigging and train to rig with that system. Even if you can't get out on the water every week it is good practice, especially if you are a new boater, to train to rig once a week. Inflate your boat, rig your boat, de-rig, and then prepare your boat for storage. Having a rigging plan will help you develop the following:

  • Efficiently rigging will get you on the water more quickly

  • Rigging effectively will prevent equipment loss and reduce river pollution

  • Ensure that you don’t forget any gear

  • Consistent rigging will allow you to know where your gear is at all times.

The most important concept we can offer up while you are rigging is to think critically about if rigging in a certain way is more or less likely to cause injury or entrapment. There is always another way to rig and the idea that this is how I have always done it or it works on that river is not an appropriate state of mind to help mitigate risk. The fact is that we take risks every time we go out, but the mark of the superior boater is to always ask why.

Our convenient Guide School modules help you learn at your own pace and study in your free time off the river with your instructors Daniel and Trevor. *These modules are not designed as a substitute for hands on training with a qualified instructor*

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