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Gift Guide for the Raft Guide in Your Life

Gift Guide for the Raft Guide in Your Life

The giving season is upon us and your favorite raft guide is already dreaming of longer days and whitewater. Here’s a list of some great gifts to get them ready for the many river miles ahead of them.

Drybag - Drybags are always a great gift, especially if you know what they already have. They come in so many shapes and sizes, like this backpack, which is great for multi-day trips and carrying gear from the raft to the campsite. You can also get them a duffel drybag, perfect for strapping into a raft.

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Cooler - A raft trip without a way to keep your drinks cool, isn’t much of a trip. KONG makes great coolers that fit snugly next to the thwart, or underneath your seat so no matter where the river takes you, your food and drinks are protected, cooled and ready when you make it to camp. (Use Code RAFTINGMAG to get 5% off)

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Heavy-duty Moisturizer - Now, before you write this one off- this is a great gift for any gender. Who hasn’t had their lips and faces chapped after a long day on the water? And if you guide commercially, day in and day out through the long summer days, your skin can take a beating. Give your guide this X-Treme Cream, which will help keep their lips, face and hands protected in the sun. (Use Code outdoors20 to get 20% off)


Warming Powder - This is a great gift for your rafting buddy who can never seem to stay warm, no matter how many layers they have on. Balleck makes this Wilderness Warmth, which you put on underneath your boots or gloves. Made with baking soda, cypress oil, tea tree leaf oil and a bunch of other natural ingredients, this is vegan, paraben, and phthalate-free so you can feel great about using it. (Use Code outdoors20 to get 20% off)

Padded Liner for your Drybag- We all know we can see some pretty amazing scenery on the river, so of course you want to bring it but don’t want to worry about it getting damaged or wet during some of the crazier rapids. These padded liners and dividers fit inside your drybag, converting almost any drybag into the perfect place to stow your camera, without have to get super fancy, camera-specific gear. That way you can enjoy the frothy whitewater, knowing your camera will be safe, sound and ready-to-use.

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Gloves- Gloves make a great gift for cold weather guiding, or if your guide has a tendency to get blisters from the oars or paddles. NRS has a whole slew of design options, so you can get the perfect combination of warmth and mobility for what you’re looking for.


Straps – For a guide, you can never have enough straps. In our house, my husband uses them as belts, we use them to tie things together, strap things on the roof of cars, you name it, it probably has a cam strap on it. These awesome straps are customizable, and unique! Consider some of these for a great stocking stuffer!


Rafting Shirts- It’s a pretty common rule to avoid cotton when on the river. But once you’re off, and getting settled around the campfire, there’s few feelings better than pulling that soft, warm cotton tee over your head and snuggling up next to a warm fire with your drink of choice. So, here’s some fun rafting shirts you can get them, perfect for those dry land hangouts.  


Waterproof Phone/Map Case- We all love disconnecting and enjoying nature when we’re on the water, but the reality is we use our phones for almost everything, downloading maps, taking pictures, keeping track of mileage. And when you have to have your phone out in the boat, there’s nothing you worry about more than it going overboard, here are some great cases from NRS to keep your phone dry and secure even in the whitewater. They also have cases for maps, cameras, and more.

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