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Loicas - 2019 Chilean Open Women's Team

We caught up with Tabata Soto, team captain, of Loicas women’s rafting team from Chile. These hard charging ladies are competing for this year’s WRF World Cup. We wanted to get their perspective on what rafting means to them as they step on to the world stage of rafting.

World Rafting Federation

A huge new development has recently split the world of raft racing. On January 26th the founding members of the World Rafting Federation (WRF) met in Belgrade, Serbia to charter a new rafting federation.

World Rafting Championships - Day 1 Results

The first day of the IRF’s 2017 World Rafting Championship (WRC), on the Yoshino River, Miyoshi City, Japan, got under way today with 12 Youth (U19) teams, 16 Junior (U23)  teams, 14 Masters (40+) and 29 in the Open division. Each of these divisions has the male and female category as well. 71 teams from 22 countries are competing for the honor of being World Champions.

Rafting Team Profile - Canadian Women's Team

We caught up with the Canadian Women's Rafting Team to find out more about this amazing team of female athletes. These ladies have been coming out strong in the Canadian National Events. With several members of the team being veterans of several international rafting events we are looking forward to seeing these ladies take on the world in Japan.

Rafting Team Profile - USA Women's Rafting Team

With spring rafting in full swing and the start of runoff season in the United States now is the prime time for the US women's team to step up their game for the 2017 racing circuit. We caught up with some of the ladies from team USA to get their thoughts on this season, World Championships in Japan, and the competition.

UK 2017 Racing Teams

The UK National Rafting Team selections came to an exciting close at Holme Pierrepont National Watersports Centre in Nottingham, England. Participants ran the gauntlet to see who would have the honor of representing the UK on the 2017 International Rafting Circuit.

Athlete Spotlight - Anna Schroeder

For raft racers it takes more than just a love of the river. It takes courage, dedication, teamwork, and a certain love of adversity. To learn what it takes to be part of this elite group of boaters we caught up with Anna Schroeder of the US women's R6 rafting team.

Rafting Team Profile - Raft Team Denmark Ladies

Rafting Magazine was recently able to catch up with Raft Team Denmark Ladies and this group of amazing athletes quickly became one of our favorite teams on the raft racing circuit today. The stories that these women have and their drive to become the best is a powerful inspiration to boaters everywhere. 

Rafting Team Profile - GB Women's Team

The GB Women's team is a UK based whitewater raft racing team competing in the International Rafting Federation's World Championships in Al Ain, UAE. These ladies will go head to head against some of the best raft racers in the world to claim the Rafting World Cup.