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The Gear Shed - Molle Pouches

Some Personal Flotation Devices just don’t have the real estate for storing all of the gear rafters need. Having rescue equipment close at hand in a river environment is a huge benefit when you are out on the water. In this edition of the Gear Shed we are taking a look at Molle II Flash Grenade Pouches and how you can incorporate these awesome little bags into your kit for easier access to equipment when you need it most.

The Gear Shed - CRKT Bear Claw

The Bear Claw from Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) is one of the top contenders for river knives out there. Check out Trevor’s review of this handy and useful river knife. We will break down all of the elements, benefits, and limitations of this knife in this installment of the gear shed.

Keep it Clean! – Evolution of the Clean Principle

The Clean Principle began life as the “Clean Line Principle.” This principle advises that any webbing or rope loop on a throwbag is a potential snag hazard. These loops can become snagged in trees or on rocks, creating a serious and possibly fatal entrapment hazard. Rescue instructors often point out that “rope and moving water are a bad mixture.”

The Gear Shed - Drysuit Layering

Heading into Winter, it is important for boaters to review dry gear and advanced layering principles. In this article, we will discuss our layering formula for dry gear, different types of dry gear, and important considerations when using dry gear.

The Gear Shed - Sawyer Canyon X

The Sawyer Canyon X is designed as an all-around whitewater paddle built with a 4 different kinds of wood. Our team put this paddle through its paces to see what she could do. Learn more about how the Canyon X performed and if it is worth the price.

Choosing the Correct Throwbag

A throwbag simply consists of a bag of floating rope to be thrown across a stretch of moving or still water to make a conditional rescue with a swimmer. Like most things in life a product that works for one person may not work for another. The same can be said about throwbags.  In an extreme way of thinking the ability to successfully deploy your throwbag when needed literally could mean life or death!

The Gear Shed - Sotar Rafts

Team Paddler Kailee headed up to the Sotar factory in Merlin Oregon to find out what goes into manufacturing a Sotar raft. These guys are hands down one of the best boat builders out there in terms of customization and they offer an incredible range of options to get you into a boat that most closely fits your boating style. From tried and true stock designs to ground up custom builds find out what makes a Sotar such a strong contender for one of the world's best rafts.

The Gear Shed - Raft Design - Cuthbert

We sat down with Team Paddler Daniel Jenkins to chat about the boat design for his custom Sotar raft named Cuthbert, which has shown up in a ton of our videos. Daniel designed this raft for some very specific whitewater in mind. For what it is designed for the boat's performance characteristics are fantastic. There are also some key lessons from the design of this boat which would influence what rivers you might prefer taking this design on. This is Daniel's mark 1 design and a first solid attempt at designing a hard core creek boat. Check out Daniel's design and the lessons we learned from this design!

Gear Shed - Drysuit Care

Winter boating is without a doubt an incredible experience. Biting cold, freezing sleet, frozen over eddies, blinding windy rain, or thick fog obscuring what lies downriver are all serious hazards for winter paddlers. The drysuit is critical to thriving in this environment, but how do you get the most out of this essential piece of equipment?

The Gear Shed - Creek Boats

In this article we take on the issue of creek boats and share with you some thoughts about some of the options on the market. Specifically we will be comparing the Hyside Mini-Max, a Sotar Daniel Jenkins Custom Boat, and an ARK Inflatables 10' Raft.

The Gear Shed - Wet Gear

Selecting the correct gear for the correct paddling conditions is essential to staying warm and happy in the shoulder seasons. Take time to look over your current equipment and figure out where you are in terms of your gear and consider replacing your suit so you can enjoy some happier and toastier days on the water.