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World Rafting Championships Day 2 Results

World Rafting Championships Day 2 Results

Day 2 of the 2016 World Rafting Championships at Wadi Adventure is over and the results are up. Today's races were the slalom races for every division except the Men's and Women's Open Divisions. The Slalom is one of the most important events for closing the gap next to the Downriver race. With 300 points at stake there was only one team in each division able to bring in a perfect score. 

U19 Women's

The U19 women's saw the most exciting results bringing Russia and the UK tied for first place. With a sluggish start against their Russian competitors the UK surged ahead in the Slalom race with a perfect score tying for first place overall. This is sure to be a tight race between the two teams in tomorrow's downriver event.

U19 Men's

At the end of Day 1, Brazil was commanding the top spot in the U19 Men's, but that all changed with the slalom race. Germany surged ahead with a perfect score of 300 in the slalom to eek out a slim 10 points overall lead bumping Brazil down to the number 3 spot.

U23 Women's

The Brazilian ladies have not faltered in the top spot still commanding a strong lead over the rest of the field. The UK and the Czech republic however have been battling it out for second place with the Czech team tearing ahead by nearly 30 points in today's race; to claim second place overall in this division

U23 Men's

U23 Men's continues to be dominated by the Czech team in this division. If they keep up their track record in the Downstream they will no doubt take home the Gold tomorrow. Meanwhile Brazil and the UK fought for second place today with only a 27 point gap in today's race and a 21 point gap overall. 

Women's Masters

New Zealand swept today's race with a perfect slalom score. They emerged from 4th overall to become the top contenders beating out Japan by 10 points. They need only tie Japan in tomorrow's race for the win. That being said if both teams falter in the Downstream it could be anyone's race tomorrow.

Men's Masters

The Czech Republic brought their serious A-Gamers this year with a perfect score across the field so far. Even if they flip and eddy out letting other teams pass tomorrow Number 2 Slovenia will have a hard time closing the 120 point gap.

Special thanks to Wadi Adventure for hosting the event. Check out today's recap.

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