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Rafting Magazine Gear Review: WRSI Current Helmet

Rafting Magazine Gear Review: WRSI Current Helmet

This video is a brief outline of the features and advantages of the WRSI Current Helmet. This Whitewater Safety helmet is probably the best all around general purpose whitewater helmet on the market.

The Price point makes it affordable for any budget with tons of advanced safety features including excellent side coverage especially when equipped with their detachable ear flaps. 

Safety Features

Additionally the helmet includes the best back of the head protection out there. The helmet covers down below the occipital bone to the top of the spine; where most helmets include only down to the top of the occipital bone

Finally this helmet provides great padding and adjustment options to prevent slipping. The padding on the inside of the helmet is highly adjustable with tons of extra padding inserts. Also the rear "O--brace" System keeps this helmet securely fastened.


This helmet has come a long way in recent years in terms of style. There are some minor stylistic elements including a pair of parallel grooves on the Small/Medium the define it from the Medium/Large however both look identical. The WRSI Current does feature a characteristic over-molded look, however that is the trade off for the added protection and beefier feel to the helmet although it is just not as sleek as some of the helmets on the market. Otherwise everything flows very nicely on this helmet from the visor to the chin straps. It does come in only a handful of colors though, but there are generally more options than other helmets on the market. The popularity of this helmet does lend to confusions in whose helmet is in that pile of gear though so we recommend customizing the helmet a bit to your own specific style. We have seen stickers, nail polish, even rubber duckies adorning these helmets out on the water.


One of the downsides is that the helmet is easily scratched, however this is merely superficial and does not decrease the performance of the helmet in any way. It is also easy to paint with some plastic spray-paint or nail polish if you want some sparkly racing stripes. 

The Current Helmet is also offered in the "Current Pro" Version with an extended riveted on visor. We do not recommend this version however since it only comes in one style with the non-removable visor and no vents. 

Many professional guides that we have talked to do not like the lack of vents since the helmet generally comes only in black and is really hot. 

Class V guides have found that the visor will wrench your neck around during long swims through powerful hydraulics. 

Swiftwater rescuers have also had complaints about the lack of visibility that the visor creates during aggressive rescue or self-rescue techniques. 

Class III only guides however have generally not had many issues with the helmet since it does help with sun protection and they can remove the helmet and submerge it in water during the calm pools that Class III rivers offer. They too however still complain that the helmet is too hot since it lacks vents. 


With a price point at $79.95 MSRP this helmet is a amazing value for what it offers. There are a ton of advanced safety features all packed into a stylish and fully functional helmet.


We give this helmet a huge thumbs up. It is without a doubt a must include in every rafter's gear bag. It functions as a great primary helmet for any guide (new or experienced) and it is a great backup that friends will enjoy much more than cheap commercial helmets. Since it is easy to wear all day it is a favorite with commercial river guides and is often the go to for new guides just starting out. This helmet is well worth the price and will last for years under high stress conditions.

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