Nathan Hobbs

Nathan Profile.jpg

Who is Nathan Hobbs?

I find peace on the water. Its a place where I can be 100% myself and 100% focused on being my best. It keeps my self esteem at a manageable level and gives me an activity that demands absolute focus, pushing out the day to day chatter. I love the team aspect of R2 paddling and exploring the limits of what two people can do with trust and good communication. I also really enjoy watching others develop their skills, there's nothing cooler than seeing someone ace a line for the first time and being super pumped!

Nathan’s Gear List

  • Helmet - Shred Ready Standard

  • Drysuit - Kokatat Idol

  • PFD - Stohlquist Descent (I like that I can add extra flotation)

  • Throw Bag - NRS Guardian kayak rescue bag (trimmer profile and I have 60ft of line)

  • Shoes - LaSportiva TX3

  • Paddle - Mitchell surreal (light durable and the right amount of flex)

  • Oars - Carisle (I don’t cry when they break) 113g

  • Oar Blades - Carisle 8" (They slice nicely and have enough surface area to move the boat in aerated water)

  • Oar locks - Sawyer "A" (they bend rather than break and they are lighter than others)

  • Oar Frame - Homemade out of EMT conduit, (35lbs with oarlocks and has portage yoke for long carries)

  • R2 Frame - custom from Crown Welding (great footing and easy to carry)

  • Cat Tubes - I prefer 12-13ft in length and 20-23 inches in diameter, single chamber, with Kick and Rise. I use taglines