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Expedition: Alps Application

This application is the first step on Expedition: Alps. We encourage you to think hard and answer as honestly and openly as possible. There is no right or wrong, just who you are and where you are at. We will use this to help tailor the program to your skill gaps as well as link you up with other boaters in the program experiencing similar struggles with the goal of building each other up throughout the program.

Name *
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You can confidently do or use the following:
Explain and Hold a Ferry Angle
Hop Between Eddies
Peel out into a current
Surf Waves
Portage a rapid
Scout a rapid
Organize a single boat on the river
Organize a group of boats on the river
Use Non-verbal commands
Explain rescue priorities
Repair a raft
Recover swimmers
Identify River Features
Read water
Set safety in rapids
Identify currents
Aggressively self rescue
Recover from a pin
Rescue an entrapped victim