Rafting Magazine's class II guide school series is designed to help you get acquainted with the basic principles of whitewater guiding. Whether you are thinking about guide school and want to get a jump start or you are new to boating and you are interested in getting your basic skills down this course will help you understand some of the essential skills of class II boating. Our convenient Modules help you learn at your own pace and study in your free time off the river with your instructors Daniel and Trevor. *These modules are not designed as a substitute for hands on training with a qualified instructor*

If you have not watched Module 2 please review it first.

Module 3 – River Signals

Let's face it rapids are noisy and if you are standing next to a particularly big one it can sound like a jet engine. Verbal communication is pretty much out at that point, you could try telepathy, but that is a more advanced lesson. In this module we will be introducing you to basic river signals that will be important for class II boaters. Having a good understanding of these basic signals will make you a more competent and proficient whitewater guide. We will introduce the following signals in this module:

  1. OK
  2. Eddy Out
  3. Point Positive
  4. Go
  5. Stop
  6. Emergency
  7. Swimmer
  8. Look 
  9. I don't Know
  10. Whistle Use
  11. Signals with a paddle

This covers the basic signals that class II boaters should understand before running rivers. 

To continue your training, be sure to check out the Module 4.

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