Rafting Magazine's class II guide school series is designed to help you get acquainted with the basic principles of whitewater guiding. Whether you are thinking about guide school and want to get a jump start or you are new to boating and you are interested in getting your basic skills down this course will help you understand some of the essential skills of class II boating. Our convenient Modules help you learn at your own pace and study in your free time off the river with your instructors Daniel and Trevor. *These modules are not designed as a substitute for hands on training with a qualified instructor*

If you have not completed Module 1 please review it before continuing.

Module 2 – The Raft, Sitting, & Basic Paddle Strokes

In this module we will be introducing you to concepts relating directly to the raft. We will also take a look at body positioning for class II whitewater. Having a good understanding of what the raft is, how to sit in the boat, and your 3 basic paddle strokes will form the basic skills you will need to successfully navigate a river and become a more proficient whitewater guide. We will introduce the following concepts in this module:

  1. Parts of the raft
  2. Chambers in a raft
  3. Valves
  4. D-rings, Handles, and Perimeter lines
  5. Need vs. Risk
  6. Proper sitting and locking into a raft
  7. Proper body positioning
  8. Basic Forward Paddle
  9. Basic Back Paddle
  10. Stop and Resting Position

This covers the basic understanding of the raft, body positioning and movement the class II boater should be proficient with while navigating rivers. 

To continue your training, be sure to check out the Module 3

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